Welcome to my blog for writing.

Welcome to my page. Whether you are a reader, writer, of even just curious about the process, I encourage you to check my page a hopefully find something you might be interested in.  

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Beta readers wanted!

Hey, me again and I have a favor to ask you fellow bloggers Okay, if you didn’t know this about me before, I plan to publish my first book by the end of the year and I’m now ready for some beta readers. So, it’s the first book of a paranormal series, Angelic Entourage, the… Continue reading Beta readers wanted!

POV part three; second person

Well, I’m here again and for this post, which will be shorter than the other two on POV’s, I’m going to discuss the final type of POV, which is second person. Now what is second person? Many people probably haven’t heard of it because it isn’t used much in books as of late, but it… Continue reading POV part three; second person

POV part two; third person

Hey, I’m back and for this post I will be talking about the third person POV, the different versions, and the pros and cons. So what is third person? Well, it is the he/she/they point of view, where the character and the narrator are not the same person and is the most used one in… Continue reading POV part two; third person

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